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The Camille Creamer Beaver Exhibit

Beavers.Beaver Eating.

Have you ever seen a beaver up-close? Delve into the lives of these secret creatures at one of the Chattahoochee Nature Center’s most popular exhibits. This male beaver arrived at CNC in February 1995 when less than a week old after his parents and siblings were removed by a trapper.

Beaver in Water.The Life of a Beaver

Beavers live in family groups or colonies that include a breeding pair and four or five offspring which range in age from newborns to two years. At the age of two, kits (young beavers) leave their parents’ lodge and establish colonies of their own. In poor habitats, where new colonization sites are limited, the kits may stay with their parents longer. During this time, the young learn valuable skills from their parents while contributing to the colony’s work force. This social structure is important because of the methods beavers use to ensure their survival require a great deal of skill, strength and cooperation among family members.


The Life of Opossums



These sibling opossums (1 male and 1 female) were found as babies and illegally hand-raised as house pets until they became too aggressive.  The finders transferred them to a mammal rehabilitator who deemed them non-releasable due to their dependence on humans for survival.  They arrived at CNC in October 2011.

Opossums’ body temperature is 94˚F – 97˚F. Because the rabies virus does not survive for long in animals with body temperature under 98˚F, it is exceptionally rare for an opossum to carry the virus.  They are true omnivores and can eat anything that fits into their mouths. In urban areas, one of their favorite prey items is cockroaches!  However, they are quite short-lived, surviving an average of 2 years in the wild and 3-4 years in captivity.

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