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Welcome to the

Nature Exchange!

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The Nature Exchange is THE place to indulge your natural curiosity. Thousands of natural objects from around the world are waiting to be discovered and you can even take them home for your special nature collection. Learn how Here

The Nature Exchange is open during regular Chattahoochee Nature Center operating hours and is included with admission. Trading ends at 4:30 pm. CNC members can visit the Nature Exchange for free everyday.

Ongoing programs

Golden Pinecone Awards (January)

The Golden Pinecone Awards: Join us for CNC’s version of the Oscars! During December, cast your vote for the top animals in several categories. In January, we present the winners of each category the Golden Pinecone Award. Come see the winners!

Golden Pinecone Awards Photo Booth: Award ceremonies are a great excuse to get dressed up. Use our costumes to get decked out, step out on the red carpet, and snap a photo in our photo booth. You could pose with an award-winning animal!

For the Love of Birds (February)​

All About Birds: Celebrate birds with us as you practice the ancient art of creating origami birds. We will also explore “Our Shared Forests” and learn about bird migration and habitats.

Great Backyard Bird Count: February 13-16 CNC encourages you to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count! You do not have to be an experienced birder to participate – in fact, GBBC is a great way to learn more about birds and bird conservation. Stop by NEX to pick up more information, or visit www.gbbc.birdcount.org

Mysteries of Slime (March)

Nature Exchange Trading Madness: Join a trading team this month and compete in our friendly competition. Traders will be placed on a team with other traders and compete to be the team that earns the most points throughout March. Winning team members will receive 20,000 NEX points. Sign up by February 25 by visiting the NEX or by emailing natureexchange@chattnaturecenter.org .


This month, we are all about the eewy-gooey and the animals that live in their slimy skin. From frogs to worms, come learn about what makes slimy skin win.

Get the Dirt on Dirt (April)

Soil Science: Did you know there is more to soil than you can see with your eyes? Dig down and you’ll find layers of nutrients and minerals that help support life. Our soil station will help you discover some secrets of soil below the surface. We will even have one of nature’s best decomposers – WORMS – on display.

Decomposing Timeline: Come test your knowledge about the decomposition process. How long does it take paper to decompose? Or how about aluminum? You may be surprised how long it takes some materials to break down.

Spring Outdoor Scavenger Hunt: Lighten up and get a laugh as you complete our scavenger hunt this quarter, filled with jokes and riddles. Discover clues along the trail to help you solve riddles, and get a giggle to celebrate National Humor Month in April!

Mysteries of Migration (May)

Who Moves? Many people think of birds when they think of migration, but you’ll learn about birds and many other animals that migrate to survive. How do they do it? Learn about the natural clues they use to make their migratory journey.

Nestling Turtles: Create your own sea turtle nest. When turtles hatch, they are all alone! Come in to find out more about how they safely make their way to the sea and how scientists are tracking their success.

And don’t forget about these fun on-going activities:

Reading Rewards Program

Read your favorite books and earn Nature Exchange points at the same time! Find out how and to download a printable reading log here.

Homeschool Mondays

Join us for nature and science classes just for homeschool students. For more information, click here.

Watchable Wildlife Backpacks

More fun, more finds and more nature awaits you when you check out a Watchable Wildlife Backpack. Seven different themes to choose from. Learn more here.

cid_image006_jpg@01CDC195The Nature Exchange is on Facebook

Did you know that the Nature Exchange at the Chattahoochee Nature Center has its own Facebook page? Keep up with what is happening in the Nature Exchange including new cool objects for trade, extra point opportunities and project ideas and more! Like Us Now!

Meet our Nature Exchange Naturalists


Andrew started at the Chattahoochee Nature Center as a docent when he was 16 years old. He went out into the world to learn about riparian zones and controlling rain water run-off. He brings his love and ever growing knowledge of nature to the Nature Exchange.



Brian is a proud Eagle Scout and has always been involved with the outdoors. He grew up in South Florida among the Everglades and at the beach, and was active hiking, camping, canoeing, snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing. Now after 35 years in Georgia he continues to enjoy hiking, camping, canoeing and rafting with his daughters as they grow.



Kim comes to Nature Exchange from CNC’s Education and Wildlife Departments!