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The ChattPACK

Be a charter member of this dynamic new organization as we build a new foundation with the opening of the new Discovery Center!

ChattPACK Membership Brings Huge Rewards!

Download an Application Now!

If you have a desire to be involved with people who love nature and have a desire to serve, then membership in the ChattPACK is for you! The ChattPACK is not just a volunteer organization. It is a vital, committed leadership group that takes the initiative in creating and managing projects that benefit the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Members come from all walks of life and need only share an admiration of nature and a desire to preserve and protect our natural resources by serving the Chattahoochee Nature Center.

The Four Cornerstones of the ChattPACK Mission

As a member of the ChattPACK you will build lifelong friendships and experience a true sense of accomplishment by committing to support the four cornerstones of the ChattPACK mission.

  1. Reach Out
    ChattPACK members are the voice to the community and serve as a speaker’s bureau for the Center. They reach out and present the value of the Center to civic clubs and other organizations.
  2. Host an Event
    Perhaps most importantly, the ChattPACK is the primary organization responsible for creating and managing new fundraising opportunities for the Center. They also plan and organize donor and volunteer appreciation events.
  3. Be an Ambassador
    An important function of the ChattPACK is to help as Greeters and Docents in the new Discovery Center, and to represent the Center at festivals and other events.
  4. Make Friends and Make a Difference
    ChattPACK members have the opportunity to work together to promote the educational goals of the Center to the community. They enjoy the chance to work toward this common cause with like-minded individuals in a friendly and productive environment.

Everyone Benefits

As a member of the ChattPACK you and others like you will achieve the satisfaction that comes with helping preserve our natural environment and educating others about our place in the natural world.

ChattPACK membership reflects a commitment on your part to the Center and to your fellow members. You will be rewarded by developing close working relationships with like-minded men and women in a congenial and friendly atmosphere.

How to Join the ChattPACK

Payment options:

  • to purchase your ChattPACK membership safely and conveniently.
  • Pay by Check: Please make check payable to Chattahoochee Nature Center.
  • Pay by Credit Card: Please provide credit card information on application. All confidential information remains confidential & will be shredded once payment has been processed.
  • Mail to:
    Chattahoochee Nature Center
    9135 Willeo Road
    Roswell, GA 30076
    Please include your membership application form with your check!!
  • or Fax to:

To learn more, please contact one of the following ChattPACK Mentors:
Lynn McIntyre
Director of Community Relations
(770) 992-2055 ext.224

Pat Price
ChattPACK Internal Recruitment Chair
(770) 993-0302

ChattPACK membership dues provide funds for special ChattPACK member events, parties and other ChattPACK operating costs. The individual dues are $25 per year, in addition to any level of membership. Download an application now!

We will be happy to mail the ChattPACK application form to you.

Please call Lynn McIntyre at 770-992-2055 x 224 to request a package of information or email l.mcintyre@chattnaturecenter.com