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Green Birthday Parties

Throwing a Green Birthday is easy, smart and fun!

Teach your child a valuable lesson in sustainability while lightening the impact of your party.

Here are some tips about throwing a green bash!

  1. Eat Green – Biodegradable & Compostable! CNC uses unbleached bagasse paper goods. Bagasse is biodegradable and compostable disposable tableware that is made from sugarcane fiber. Read more about the brand CNC uses at our parties here. Our cups are even made out of corn! Read about compostable plastic cups here.

Another great waste-reducer is to use reusable plates, like these ones made here by Preserve. It might take a little extra-time to rinse and wash re-useable tableware, but it will save money and have a smaller impact on the environment in the end. These also make great picnic plates!

  1. Ice your Cake with Green! It’s definitely important to support local community business. There are lots of unique bakeries and cake-makers out there, and a lot of bakers who use all natural, organic products. Look for one within your community and ask what type of ingredients they use and where their ingredients come from.  Ali’s Cookies in Marietta, Georgia bakes the delicious cookie cakes for CNC birthday parties. They are made completely from scratch and fresh to order. They also are certified Kosher! Learn more about Ali’s Cookies here!
  1. Invite Green! A perfect way to reduce the amount of paper products involved with a birthday party, it to not send any! Well, not in the mail or on ordinary paper invitations anyways. There are some fantastic websites that allow you to create your own invitation and email it to all your friends. Many of these websites even keep track of who has RSVP’ed and who hasn’t for you. They are simple and fun to use. Check out these ones for starters: www.evite.com & www.pingg.com
  1. Green your Gift-Giving & Receiving! Instead of asking for more toys or games, a great way to involve people in your birthday party is to ask for a donation to be made to a charitable cause of your child’s choice. This is a great opportunity to teach about giving back and helping out others. Another great idea is to ask your invitees to bring supplies that an organization might need donated, such as canned food or school supplies. www.EchoAge.com is a great site to choose a charity from and send out e-vites to all your friends.  And by the way – CNC is happy to accept donations!
  1. Plan an Experience! The perfect way to create lasting memories is to plan your party around an experience, This is what CNC is all about. Kids get to enjoy the company of their friends while hiking, learning, playing, and seeing animals up close. Not to mention being surrounded by nature is something every kid loves! They are sure to remember experiences more than the new all-the-rage toy that is destined to end up under the bed within months! Tactial experiences are healthy for kids both mentally & physically.

These are only a few ideas to get you thinking about ways to green a birthday party and maybe even help you achieve a green lifestyle!

In addition to the points mentioned above, CNC also includes the following in our green party packages:

  • Organic Cotton T-shirt for the Birthday kid!
  • Re-usable canvas bag for party favors for all the kids who come to celebrate!
  • After your party, our staff uses an all natural, organic cleaner to wipe up all the icing & mess!