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Programs for Small Groups

(30 or fewer participants)

Our Small Group outreach programs are ideal for your unique group! Programs include a live animal presentation, biofacts such as bird wings, turtle shells, animal furs, and an activity and/or time for question-answer with a CNC naturalist. Unless stated otherwise, these are one-hour programs. For Ages 6 – Adult.

Nature 101

Participants in this one-hour program will learn all about the basics of the plants and animals found in Georgia. What’s living in your neighborhood will be explored as well as backyard animals, ways to look for wildlife, tracks and even scat! Visit with a CNC resident animal up close and personal.


Are snakes slimy? In this fun-filled program, participants will touch a live snake and find out. Participants will also learn what makes a reptile a reptile and which ones you are likely to encounter in your neighborhood. This program will conclude with a live reptile presentation.


Participants in this program will learn all about our native birds of prey. Habitats and adaptations will be discussed, and conservation and protection issues surrounding these creatures will be examined. This program will conclude with a live raptor presentation.


In this warm and fuzzy program, the naturalist will explain the identifying characteristics of mammals and tell you what species to look for around your home. This program will conclude with an opossum presentation.


$215 for the first program, $110 for each additional program

NOTE: Audience limits are set to ensure an optimal experience for every student / participant. Audience size may not exceed the published limits without permission of the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Audiences who do exceed the published limits will incur additional session fees. Please contact us if you have any questions about our policies

Availability for Small Group Programs

Programs can be booked Monday – Sunday, mornings, afternoons, and evenings, year-round.  Spaces are limited during spring and fall due to high demand.  All programs must be booked a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the program date.

More Questions?  Contact our scheduling office to schedule via Email Outreach Programs –  or call 770-992-2055 ext. 246.

Additional Pricing Information:

$50 as a one-time development fee for customized programming
Additional travel fees apply to locations 21-50 miles from CNC. Please contact us with questions.

Non-Profit Rate for Programs: 25% off program amount