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Activities & Themes

Activities at Summer Camp

Each day at camp is filled with a variety of activities. Part of each day is spent with our specialists in activities such as swimming, canoeing and arts & crafts. In addition, counselors plan indoor and outdoor games, regular hikes and science exploration activities.

All Summer sessions include:

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  • Live Animal Presentations
  • Science Exploration Activities
  • Plant & Insect Identification
  • Elective Classes
  • Team Building
  • Nature Hikes
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Field Games
  • Canoeing
  • Swimming

Session Themes

At Camp Kingfisher each session has a theme to guide our explorations and discoveries. Each session includes ALL camp activities, especially canoeing.

What do campers do all day? What are we learning and why? At Camp Kingfisher each session has a theme, each theme has special activities and each age group has goals.  We want to share all of that with you, so you can share in your camper’s experience. You will receive a copy of your campers schedule on the first day of camp. Check out the Summer 2013 themes below.

Rolling on the River

“Like a swift river, an active mind never stagnates.” –Author Unknown

Our watershed is a habitat bursting with life & adventure. We explore the many ways of the river, its inhabitants and how we all connect to our main source of water: the Chattahoochee River!

Wander through our Wetlands and learn about their significance and the importance of water conservation. The river is constantly changing and always has something new to discover!

Scales, Slime, and Stingers

“Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.” -John Muir

The world is full of creatures that many people think are gross or scary. This session we will explore and expel some of the common myths about this misunderstood group of creatures.  Learn all about insects, reptiles and amphibians and get ready to go crazy for creatures who aren’t so creepy after all!

Get ready to take an adventure into the world of slime, scales, and stingers!

Planet Protectors

“Nobody makes a greater mistake than one who does nothing because one could only do a little” – Edmund Burke

Taking care of Mother Earth is no easy feat, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done by learning how to tread lightly on planet earth. Find out how humans impact the environment, and understand the harmful effects of pollution.

Investigate how plants and animals can all be affected by the waste just tossed away or the light bulb left on. Do small steps lead to big changes and ideas? You bet!!

Fast Flyers and Mighty Mammals

“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.” -Martin Buber

Set off on an adventure to discover why mammals and birds rule! And can often be found on the top of the food chain.  Where do the beaver, bald eagle, opossum and tiny screech owl fit into the pecking order? Wander our lakes, forests, and river to find the answer to this question and many more!

While the Olympics are kicking off in London, experience the Olympics Camp K style!

Forest Homes and Hideaways

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks” – John Muir

There is so much life happening in our small forest! Every day there is something new to dig into from deep down in the dirt to way up high in the canopy of the tress. Learn the habitats and adaptations of all who inhabit this complex world and how diverse the forest can be! Set forth on an adventure guaranteed to uncover all the mystery that surrounds you in the forest!

Nature in a Nutshell

Omnia vivunt, omnia inter se conexa
Everything is alive; everything is interconnected.”
-  Cicero

Everything is not as it seems… animals, even you and I, depend on some complex connections to survive. A snake unknowingly depends on a grasshopper, the giant oak tree depends on a tiny earthworm, and even an apple core affects the mighty great horned owl.

Explore the web of food, homes, and animals to uncover their connections and how you play a big role.

Travel Program

Especially designed for older campers to explore Georgia in a new way. Trips include hiking, biking, caving, paddling, a CNC overnight and high ropes course. Additional program info on our CAMP K travel activities.